Animated Gifs AND A-PNG

Animated Gifs AND A-PNG

You can create aniamted GIF files and animated PNG from Kwik. animated PNG is only viewable on Firefox browser but it is getting popular.

Setup graphicsmagick

Sample Project

A sample project is here

GifAnim sample consists of two pages. page1 just plays a rotated animation and swipe to page2, you can click the image to start a filter animation.


page1:Page Properties > Screen Recording is enabled saving to PNG because page1 starts the animation without a wait request. It captures screen image every 200ms for 10 times as the number of frames


page2 starts the screen recoding when user clicks the moon image.

page2:button > Common > Screen Recording


You need to preview page1 and page2 with Corona Simulator. The screen recording is processing with Solar2D API.

Corona Simulator Page2, you need to click the moon to play the filter animation.

Corona Simulator File > Show Project Sandbox, the recorded png files are found.

You can change the dimension of screen size from Window > View As. I recorded it with custom devices 270 x 320

Assemble PNG files

Finally you can use the new icon – Assemble PNG files. It is next to compressPNG icon. It generates both Animated GIF and PNG files

console appears and close automatically

In the project folder, under temp folder, you can find animated gif/png files.

preview animation gif/png images with Firefox