Wacom InkSpace App

How to use Inkspace App on iPad

Library > Select

  • combine
  • export (the small icon at the left bottom)


  • Draw
  • Erase
  • Lasso to copy, Duplicate to new pages, Cut or Delete


  • You can split the drawings by sliding the slide bar at the bottom
  • Or you use lasso to duplicate the section to a new page.


Bamboo Slate

  • thumbnail sketches. 3 thumbnails per page
  • 5 pages x 3 thumbnails
  • Select a page for editing or select mutliple pages to combine them during sketching with Bamboo Slate.

Ink Space App

  • 3 thumbnails on one page are divided into three pages.
  • Edit a sketch with draw/erase
  • Lassor to select an area of one thumbnail to cut/copy and paste to a new page
  • So you can make 15 pages, each of them has one thumbnail and drawings.
  • Export as JPG or PNG to camera roll of iPad.
  • Open Adobe Sketch, you can import it

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