Wacom Bamboo Slate

There are two sizes of Bamboo Slate. You can choose A4/letter size or A5/half-letter. I bought A5/half-letter size because it is cheaper and portable.

Bamboo Slate is a product for taking notes/sketches with pen on any paper. It is not a pen tablet like Wacom's Intuos, Bamboo Slate records the strokes of pen and sends them to your smart phone or iPad via Bluetooth.

  • Focusing on handwriting notes/skething
  • Bluetooh enabled iOS or Android
  • Wacom Inkspace app
  • any paper is ok. max thickness about 80 pages (<8 mm)
  • Not a digital pen like Apple pencile on iPad Pro.
  • The pen comes with Bamboo Slate needs the ink cartridges from Wacom
  • The battery is about 8 hours


  • Turn on Bamboo Slate with the button
  • Write for one page and save to push the button.
  • Use InkSpace app on smart phone/iPad to retrieve the data from Bamboo via bluetooth
  • InkSpace app automatically uploads the data to your cloud storage of Wacom's Inkspace
  • InkSpace app can export the data to jpg or PNG files to your device's image/photo galley. So you can import them to another app.


  • Settings > Your Device > Live Mode
  • When InkSpace App does not connect Bamboo Slate, restart InkSpace App.


  • Location Service should be ON. I had a problem connecting Galaxy to Bamboo Slate when GPS is off.

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