You can purchase Kwik via Paypal. Please sign up Kwiksher firstly.


  • $149.99

Further information, please contact with email

Trial is free

  • You can create up to 6 pages per app
  • Particle editing is not supported
  • No time limit for trial period

Previous and current versions

  • Kwik1 End of Support, No longer available
  • Kwik2 End of Support, No longer available
  • Kwik3 End of Support Dec 2017
  • Kwik4


  • One Kwik license is eligible both of Kwik3 and Kwik4 but the supported features are different.
  • One license covers both of kwik3 and kwik4. You can install Kwik up to 2 machines.
  • You can use the same activation code to register Kwik3 or Kwik4
  • You don’t need two licesenes - i.e. one for Kwik3 and another for Kwik4.

Kwik3 License

  • Perpetual, not montly nor yearly subscriotion
  • You can publish more than 6 pages
  • Particle editing is not included even kwik paid license is obtaiend
  • KWIK3 does not include the new features of Kwik4.
  • Kwik3 supports Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5, CC and CC2014, CC2015, CC2015.5

Kwik4 License

  • Perpetual, not montly nor yearly subscriotion
  • You can publish more than 6 pages
  • particle editing(kaboom) is included
  • Kwik4 does not supports Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5, CC
  • Kwik4 supprts CC2014, CC2015, CC2015.5 , CC2017


  • Adobe Photoshop US$9.99/mo
  • Corona SDK, it is free
  • You don't need Corona Enterprise version.

Kwik4 new features

  • NEW:Robtleg style file structre
  • NEW:lua template files for publishing.
  • NEW:Project Properties > Publish > Update template.
  • NEW:custom file
  • NEW:ultimate config
  • NEW:exporting a xml when copying a component, import a xml when pasting
  • NEW:filter
  • NEW:enables/disables a button
  • NEW:Front/Back is added
  • NEW:Play Audio action has control parameters
  • NEW:Play random animation with no repeat once played
  • NEW:Default values for properties on Kwik panel
    • layer properties
    • audio settings
    • linear_anim_properties
    • spritesheet_properties
    • you can find these default xml files in YOUR_PROJCT_FOLDER/tmplt/defaults
  • Modified:Play Random is not compatible. Please recreate if using Kwik3 project
  • Modified:Group order is reversed. Please rearrage if using Kwik3 project
  • Modified:each external codes need ‘require’ statament for an external library file
  • Modified:file naming
    • assets/images/p1/xx.png
    • assets/images/YY.png — shared asset(used to be kwkYY.png)
  • Experiment:page_swipe_curl
  • Experiment:Spine
  • Experiment:Sprite illuminator
  • Experiment:Texture Packer

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