All checkboxes are described below (definitions for the cases where the checkbox is enabled):

  • Export images: export all layers as independent image files (depending of the selected device, it may export more than one size of each file). This option is as same as export image icon on Kwik Panel:

    • Select just one layer with Export Images ON and it will export all page images;

    • Select more than one layer with Export Images ON and it will export only the selected layers images;

    • Select just one layer with Export Images OFF, press SHIFT key and click Publish: it will export only the selected layer image;

  • Publish only current page: export the final code only for the working page. This option is as same as Export current page icon on Kwik Panel.

  • When publishing only current page, start Simulator in the current page: when enabled, it will jump to the current page from the project in the Simulator, when it starts. If disabled (the default), previews the project starting in page 1.

    Don’t forget to disable this option when your project is ready for submission!

    This will not work if you have Auto-Bookmarking set for the project (the bookmark will always bypass this selection).

  • Publish only pages_.lua …: exports only the page(s) file(s), not exporting external libraries used in the project;

  • Export sample icons: adds the default application icons provided by Kwik in the case user forgets to add their own;

  • Export sample icons: sample icons for app are published as well

  • Export each image inside group(layer set): this is useful if you like to create spritesheet-animation from individual images and you can replace the layer group for the sprite animatoin with spritehseet replacement.

  • Close documents after publishing: close the Photoshop document after page code is generated;

  • Export external content (audio, video, images and sprite sheets) in separated folders: saves all audio, images, videos and sprite sheet files in different folders inside the project folder (/build);

  • Automatically resize image resolution if needed while exporting for smaller devices: in projects targeting more than 1 device, when enabled, this option will automatically resize the image to even numbers (both width and height);

  • Create report of used files in the project: at the end of the publishing process, shows a list with all files used in the project. This is useful to help users to delete files previously used but not needed anymore. For optimal results, export ALL pages of the project with Export Images option enabled;

  • Show memory used in the Terminal: when enabled, it will show memory used in real time. This feature helps developers to track memory leak in their projects. This feature will only work on the Simulator, being disabled on real devices!

  • Use Bilinear interpolation to increase image resolution: Forces the Bilinear interpolation (a bit longer resizing process) while resizing images to different resolutions.

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