General tab

  • Corona Simulator
  • Project Folder

    The two most important fields here are the location of the Corona Simulator and the default Project Folder location (the folder where all of your projects are going to be saved). By default Kwik uses the most common directories. If you have Corona installed in another location or want a different project folder, just edit the fields.

Tips: Do NOT use a network folder. Kwik can only read local disks. Sample projects from Kwiksher are created with ~/Documents/Kwik as default.

All other checkboxes are described below (definitions for the cases where the checkbox is enabled):

  • Show all alert messages: show alert boxes for non-important alerts;

  • Show Welcome window: show the Welcome Screen every time Kwik starts;

  • Check for updates when starting: verifies if there is a new update for Kwik (it requires an Internet connection);

  • Open only first project page document: opens only the first project page (a good thing when you have dozens of pages in your project);

  • Expand action list in button and action window: auto expand all action * categories in the Action and Button windows;

  • Sort Components Panel by name: sort the list of components in each page by alphabetical order;

  • Open Corona when Kwik starts: if checked, loads both Corona Terminal * (for debug) and Simulator;

  • Use colored icons: change the interface to colored icons, when checked, or monochrome when unchecked ;

  • Show sample tutorials in the Recent Projects list: if checked, shows all available sample projects from Kwiksher in the Recent Projects list;

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