Allows you to setup different languages to be used in your project. Instead of creating the same app many times for different languages, Kwik facilitates the process, allowing, in just one application, the use of multiple languages.

To add new ones, just press the + (plus) button. Doing so, the following window appears:

All previously entered languages will appear in the list. To delete a language not desired anymore, select it in the list and press the trash button.

Add New Language

  • Name: enter a name for your language;

  • ID (2 chars): is the locale ID for the language. If the id is the same as one of the accepted locales by Apple and/or Android, the code created by Kwik will automatically start your application using the default language from the device.

    If the device language id does not match with any id from your project, your app will start in the “default” language (the first one configured) – for the full list of IDs, check this link;

  • Read right to left: informs that the language reads from right to left

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