Add External Code

The Add External Code window allows you to add Lua code into your project. When pressed, the following window appears:

  • Name: enter a name to your block of code (this is needed in the case you need to edit the code later). Kwik auto create a name but it is always a good idea to enter your own names for easy access later;

  • From file (use the Browse button to point to the external code file): gets the file containing the external code (it will be copied into the page file during the Publish process).

Before layers, After layers, After buttons and actions and Disposal: defines where the block of code will be entered in your page.

  • Before layers blocks will be added before the page layers rendering. This will be added in the scene:create part of the code.

  • After layers blocks will be rendered just after the layers and groups creation. This will be added in the scene:create part of the code.

  • After buttons and actions blocks will be rendered after the buttons and actions are process. This will be added in the scene:show part of the code.

  • Disposal: blocks will be rendered in the disposal area – scene:hide. This is used to cleanup animations, events, etc. This allows, for example, the removal of event listeners created using external code.

Accessing Variable

Kwik4 ‘s global table is _K

local _K = require “Application”

Local variable made with Create Variable is stored in UI table.


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