Video Replacement

The Video Replacement window allows you to configure a video that will appear in replacement of the original layer content. For example, you can replace a blank rectangle image from your layer with a video in your final project. Select the layer you want to replace and click the Video replacement. The following window appears:

Information about the current layer content will appear in the top of the window (position and size). It is important to match the same layer content size and position with the final video size.

  • File: Use the Browser button to point to your external file (you may simply write an URL here if your video is available from a website, for example).

  • The Width and Height fields allow you to change the auto captured layer settings.

  • Auto Play: When enabled, it will play the video in the moment the page starts.

  • Action : It allows you to select an previously made action to be triggered when the video completes.

  • Loop: it loops the video playing.

  • Rewind at end: the video timeline is rewind back to the begininig.

Please read Video Tutorial

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