Layer Properties

The Layer Properties window helps to configure parameters that are going to be used in the selected layer. When pressed, the following window appears:

You need to select a layer on photoshop's layer panel before clicking Layer Propoerties on Kwik.

Randomize positions

  • X between xPos1 and xPos2
  • Y between yPos1 and yPos2
  • Scale
    • Width
    • Height
  • Rotate

Infinity Scrolling Properties

  • Enable Infinity scrolling
  • Direction dropdown list, Left/Right/TOP/Down
  • Speed sets the speed of scrolling
  • Distance in pt. If set, width+distance or hight + distance is used for the layer to be scrolled.

    Please read the infinity scrolling tutorial

Export Properties

  • Export image as .jpg
    • Quality(1-10): 10 is best quality for jpeg rendering
  • Save as shared asset enables this layer to be recycled and another layer is relaced with it by Render as below.
  • Show in thumbnail YES or No
  • Render as dropdownlist for layer name. The layer is replaced with the select shared layer in the list

    Please read the main features from Kwik2


it maps where layer is used in the project for your referene.

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