Add Button

When pressed, the following window appears

Notice it is as same window as of Actions. So please read Project&Pages > Add Action.

The following features are unique for a button. Default/Over state to choose Layer or Page/Group and Language sections are enabeld for button interaction.

  • Default state: instructs Kwik to use a) the selected layer as the button, b) the full page as the button or c) a particular group as the button;

  • Over state: if a layer was selected in the Default state, user may select another layer to act as “(roll)over” state – IMPORTANT: layers in this state will NOT be available to be used in other interactions (animations, etc) because they will exist only for this button;

  • Type: sets the way user will interact with the button:

    • Tap: you can define the number of taps required for the interaction complete. it means as soon as the button is pressed the action will be triggered,
    • Press: only triggers the interaction when user release the button;
  • Language group: defines the relation of the button with a previously created language group

  • Language: All means the button will be available in all project languages available. If a particular language name is selected, the button only will act in the appropriated language;

Please read Read To Me Tutorial how to use language group and language for multi-lingual project

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