Vizual Storytelling Basics

Kwiksher just offers a tool for iOS/Android app development and that tool is aimed to support the artitists in visual stroytelling world. Becoming a great artists, I recommend to visit the society of visual storytelling.

The Story

  • Everything is about story!
  • Underestanding your acts and plot points
  • Be carefull about "classic" stories: why another one?
  • Example: Amelia and the Terror of the Night



Design A Drawing - Folio Academy

  • How To Design A Drawing
  • Beginnig Drawing
  • Beginnig Photoshop
  • Digital Painging Beginning Photoshop
  • Painting On The iPad

Will Terry offers the video tutorials and he inspires me to name this chapter as "Designig Self Publishing" that you are reading now.

Japanese Books

  • イラストドリル
  • Photoshop 再入門 7つの技法 - 田中晃男 日経BP

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