Submiting your work

Kwiksher won't tell much about printing visual story book with traditional publisher but there wiil be good opptunities with printed book market as well as digital market on the Internet. You will be connected with so many people or your customers in physical or digital media.

Traditional VS Digital

  • Print Ready
  • Framed Original
  • Easy Alterations
  • Speed
  • Detail Work
  • Style Originality

App stores

  • apple store
  • google play
  • amazon

Traditional publisher

  • manuscript and sketches to be demonstrated to publishers
  • book dummy - mock up

book dummy

  • cover letter
  • typed manuscript
  • a booklet dummy
  • colored pages - one/two copies enough for publisher to know your style

promotion for your app

  • Launch day thoughout the following 2 weeks
  • Week3 after the release
  • Monitroring your poformance

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