• traditional sketching with Wacom Bamboo Slate
  • digital sketching and drawing with iPad
  • Sketching Thumbnails/Layouts
  • Skethiching Final

First Idea sketch with Bamboo Slate

Using iPad

  • Adobe Sketch

Thumbnail of 15 pages with Adobe Sketch on iPad. Bamboo sketches are enlarged with layouting main drawing objects. This is not a final sketch yet. The sketches from Bamboo slate are placed at the top left hand corner of each page.

thumbnail sketches

  • characters
  • other objects
  • reference of pictures
  • make workspace thumbnail for design
  • copy and make it bigger - zoom in for a comp
  • then draw final sketch

Illustrate the words

  • If pagination of manuscript is done, you can begin to illustrate the words with your art skills.
  • the pagination is important if it changes, the overhead of time to re-work illustrating is so much.

Make Thumbnail Sketches

  • illustrating the main idea
  • speedy to evaluate the entire book
  • it allows you to design each image. here design means not to complete the final sketches with color. Plan, organise and arrage the images in harmony.
  • The goal of thumbnail sketches is to plan the entire illustration using simple shapes
  • start with small one and you can easily enlarge on photoshop or iPad.
  • and copy & paste each thumbnail to each PSD file.


  • Vertical
  • Square
  • Horizontal
  • Bleed for printing on paper
  • repeat at least 3 times
  • simple area for text


  • whole illustration left, text right
  • text area runs on the illustration
  • text under the illustration
  • whole illustration left, text with sport on the right
  • spread and spot, free form, spread art, text around the illustration

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