• 1000 true fans will buy anything and everything you produce !!!
  • perhaps 100,000 funs - probably buy next product

Launch day(thoughout the following 2 weeks)

  • Send a press-release(prMac) for search engine optimization ranking
  • For multilingual, try large promotion in non-English speaking countries.
  • Capture feedback and fix any issues found


Week3 after the release

  • Send another PR about updated version
  • Send promo codes to several reviewer sites
  • Avoid the reviewer sites that charge your to review
  • It is ok to pay for expediting a review
  • Good reviews help but alone not much. Must promote the reviews.
  • Advertise to your target audience websites
  • Banners are usually cheap
  • Update your site with new content

    Reviewer sites such as Digital, Teachers with Apps, Mom's with Apps縲€



Promotion redeemoco

Monitroring your poformance

  • AppShopper
  • AppAnnie
  • google analytic for promotion Ads etc

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