Marketing - marketing is not one time task


Marketing Basics

  • Process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.
  • 4 "Ps" Product, Point of sale, Price and Promotion

Before developing

  • R&D costs
  • Target audience
  • Internationalization
  • Competiion
  • SWOT analysis

Marketing Ideas

Before publishing

  • Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to be active there
  • Join groups of artists(Linkedin and other places like SCBWI)
  • Build a dedicated website(your blog may be hosted there)
  • Share about your progress and processess
  • Use Youtube to share milestones and tips
  • Reserve some money for marketing activities
  • Test the app with friends(TestFlight, DeployGate)

Setting Price

  • Production costs
  • Makreting costs
  • Non-related costs like rent, salary, benefits etc
  • From $.99 to $.7.99
  • Be honest with yourself. What is your entire experience worth?
  • Monitor the competition(price and reviews)
  • Price is important but the most important thing is VALUE
  • Can users enjoy your app many times or is it one time experience only?

Keeping momentum

  • Share findings on your group meetings
  • Change prices from time to time
  • Try App Friday and other special promos
  • Think about developing a complementary app
  • Updates "renew" your daily rnaking positions

Time to the next one

  • one app is not enough in the digital content market
  • More app more change of revenu.
  • Cross promotuon between apps
  • better presence at app stores
  • more attention from media

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