• Writing scripts
  • Pagination

I am not an export how to make a manuscript for childrene's books but so far I learned from the Internet, a book would have 15 scenes normally because 8 sheets of papers are used for printing to be folded to make a book. 8 x 2 = 16 and one sheet for front and back cover of a book, so 15 scenes.

For instance, I wroted down topics of this "Making Vizual Storytelling App with Kwik" like this and tried to add some vizualizations with the characters: cat or hedgefog to explain Kwik animation and interactions from scene 6

1 Design

Here is a plan that explains tools, tutorials/documentations and workflow in order to make for the goal as self-publishing a visual storytelling app which are capable of animations, audio and interactive effects. ....

... ...

6 Making Animations

There are simple but effective animation widgets available in Kwik. You can control an animation by setting parmeters like duration, repeat number, transparency etc. For instance, a simple linear aniamtion like a car moving back/force, rotating wheels etc wth various parameter seetings. Timer function allow to trigger an animation after certain amount of time is passed.

  • Linear animation
  • Rotation
  • Blink
  • Bounce
  • Timer

Making pagination out of scripts

The first 3 scenes will set up for digtial self publishing as the presentation's domain we focus on. The main story is Kwik and I intended to hold the 3 stages for Kwik as beginning, intermediate and advanced topics with cat and hedgefog characters. Don't ask why needs such cute characters. It looks better than a basic rectangle or circle shape.

Scene Topic Description
1 Design Digital Self Publishing
2 Drawing, Sketchign, Painting Folio Academy, Socity Of Vizual Storytelling
3 Digital Tools Wacom Bamboo Slate, InkSpace, iPad, Photoshop
4 What is Kwik? kwik, Corona SDK, ImageMagic
5 Adding Pages Kwik's project&page > icon for page Add, Audio, publish icon
6 Making Animations Cat's Car: rotating wheels, linearing car
7 Handling Touch Events Hedgefog dragging, spinning, pinching, swipping
8 Interaction and Action car puzzle of dragging ompletion & playing Audio, timer to lauch Hedgefog ballon
9 Drawing Cavas Hedgefog ballon, outline, brush size, color, erase
10 Physics Hedgefog ballon falling, collided with Headgefog
11 App Store Icons & Launch images for Hedgefog/Cat, Apple/Google/Amazon Store and your app on device
12 Sprite Animations Spine bone&mesh animations for Headgefog standing and cluching
13 Particles Effect Balloon in the sky with cloud and stars particles, Blurring for perspective
14 Programming Cat/Hedgefog trip 4 framed comic, cat's car, hedgefog ballon, visiting a town, driving/flying over mountains to the sea
15 Network Download download button for final scene of Cat/Hedgefog having vacation on the sea

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