Drawing with photoshop

  • Drawing characters, settings
  • Shading
  • Coloring

Thumbnail sketches from Adobe Sketch are exported to Photoshop and the 15 pages are added to a Kwik project. Ready to make final sketches with Photoshop.

How To Illustrate Children's Books - Will Terry

Storytelling with pictures about graphic Design

keep it simple

  • No wacky type fonts
  • simple legible is better

the volume of manuscript and the area of illustrations

  • keep the same size type of font throughout your book

You need to balance the text area and the illustrations

  • reduce size of text
  • reduce size of illustrated area leaving more room for type
  • reduce number of illustrations
  • edit manuscript so there is effectively less text per page

What is the mood of your story?

  • dark on light or light on dark
  • value your color/look like before illustration

using emotion to tell the story

  • obseve your facial expression with mirror
  • don't take the easy way out and copy popular kitschy emotion short hand
  • happy, cheek is important
  • sad, frawn eylid, slant eyebrows
  • excited, teeth
  • scaredm huge eyes and dialeted puples
  • angry
  • bored
  • hopefull looling for something to happen
  • sleepy
  • love struck
  • confident
  • sick
  • mischieves

illustrating actions

  • Going beyond the text, imagine what text does not describe - props
  • Using a different camera angle
  • Lighting for impact, light is safe area in dark scene

Character designs

make a little notes about the following specification - features

  • Character's shape
  • Personality
  • Description
  • Abilities

get reference and draw your chracters for you final sketches


RMIT University - School of Media and Communication

From Notes,

  • Disney's Principles of Animation
  • Pose to Pose Animation Technique
  • Inbetweening
  • Cyclic Animation

From Projects,

  • Cut Outs - Straight Ahead Animation
  • Walk Cycle - Character Animation

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