Here is one way for self publish with digital tools. It is complicated and you can find so many articles or documents, services for making digtial contents or iOS/Andorid apps. A project management - a plan will help you to focus on your creativity before working on drawings or composing app with Kwik.


  • making ideas, skething - Bamboo slate
  • writing manuscripts
  • illustrating characters/settings
  • skeching thumbnails
  • sketching final each page
  • rendering PSDs
  • composing with Kwik
  • documentation
Task Tools Stage1 Stage2 Stage3
Learnig storytelling drawing Kwik
Makin Sketches&Notes BambooSlate idea, notes, sketch characters, settings
Making Thumbnails BambooSlate/iPad story, thumbnail
Making Final Sketches iPad storyboard
Drawing Pages iPad/Photoshop PSDs
Composing With Kwik Kwik interactions
Documentation Gitbook manuscript storyboard blog
  • You may call Documentation as mile stone or output at each state.
  • Gitbook is a good tool for markdown documentation.

how to use the tools

  • Digitalizing to via InkSpace to export as .psd
  • Text editing
  • Sketching on iPad Inkspace or Adobe Sketch
  • Importing to Photshop
  • Rendering and composing pages on Photoshop
  • Using Kwik to publish A-GIF or app
BambooSlate --- InkSpace --.psd .jpg 
          iPad Adobe Sketch 
                Kwik -- app A-Gif

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